room 20B of apartment complex 13

an empty wind, devoid of whistles or howls, sneaks in through the cracked-open window of Room 20B in Apartment Complex Thirteen. dust has draped itself across tables bare. so heavy is the layer that the empty wind fails to rouse even the slightest of excitement from the drab layer. there is an imprint of aContinue reading “room 20B of apartment complex 13”

contradictions of reality

the boundary between dreams and reality is thin. the ghosts and demons of your darkest dreams leak out of your nightmares, tainting the golden glow of the sun on once-bright blue days. instead, the brightness is tempered by a darkness flickering on the corners of your visions. you shudder. the insane laugh at the sane.Continue reading “contradictions of reality”


the hands of the clock meet every minute, every hour. some say it is the meeting between friends, torn apart by different paths who meet at intersections. the paths wind through a forest, and each time they get farther from each other, circumstances bring them back. they are forever fated to be together at oneContinue reading “finite”

true morality defines freedom: immanuel kant

chains on our choices,true freedom is misleadingdetermined by wants – think about it. when you had the ‘freedom’ to choose your drink choice, it wasn’t really freedom at all. your choice was determined by your innate desire for sprite. you didn’t choose to like sprite. you just liked it. so, you see, the term freedomContinue reading “true morality defines freedom: immanuel kant”


they have always accused you of being too wasteful. *** you peel the crust off your bread, scattering crumbs across the table, far and wide. next to you, you can see your father grimacing at the brown parts that lay discarded against the white porcelain of your plate. your bread looks much more tasteful toContinue reading “wasteful”

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