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rushing along the highway of life

our lives pass by quick,cars speeding along high ways,a blink of an eye flash of bright lightning,we finds ourselves behind veils,surrounded by earth but we are blindedby riches and golden greedcount money by days we flip through pagesof finance and novels quicktime will never stop but we flip too quickand lose the meaning of lifeinContinue reading “rushing along the highway of life”

living loudly

This may be one of the least morbid things that I have ever said. I’m quite proud of that, actually. It’s just hit me that we are getting old. We’re getting old, our limbs are growing weaker, our hair grows lighter as each day passes, and our faces gain wrinkles. Life lines our limbs. TheContinue reading “living loudly”

What does it mean to live? outin out. eatingdrinking. d a n c i n g. laughing,laughing until tears form,laughing until you can’t breathe,laughing, laughing, laughing. looking at the sunset,revelling in the dance of colors,smiling at your friends’ antics. PRANKS! Enjoying,hugging,kissing,crying,yelling… walking across the colors of the rainbowsand the overwhelming emotions,across green jealousy and blue peaceand gray sadness and brightContinue reading “What does it mean to live?”