melt of snow on mountain caps,the empty stump of a once vital tree,smoke drifting from rubblethe reach of my hand for yours but you drift awaywith the break of the wavescolored red, heartbreak,your tears don’t surface your emotions blind your eyesthe decision made, i see the hatchet bloodshed around us, only my pride left,don’t –Continue reading “don’t”

empty space

there is an empty space the spot you last vacated angry words and heavy sighs whispered truths and shouted lies apologies now forever unheard speaks volumes about last words regret and tears our bitter drinks topped with fears come true nightmares alive drowning in silent cries shattered glass on the ground red strings of fateContinue reading “empty space”

Christmas Heartbreak

chilly frost on window pane,window pain burning my fingers,icicles dripping from broken-starry eyesfreezing on the pane –the pain like acid on Christmas spiritpouring gasoline and dropping a lit matchon our – my – Christmas treetill the presents are nothing but ashesfloating in the bright blue lightand my heart glass shardsstomped underneath your footbeneath the glisteningContinue reading “Christmas Heartbreak”

’til another life

your hands in mine,my tears on your cheek,as you walk away – not a glance back – the space between usgrowing, growing, growing but your family duties calland i have a debt to public to fulfillso i will see you tomorrow in your suit as you marry another personand i will bury myself in publicContinue reading “’til another life”

i gave you everything

i gave you my eyes – the ones you loved so much – because they shimmeredlike the surface of the lakenext to your home. i gave you my lips – rosy pink, blushing redwhen our lips met – because you loved the kisses,pictures of adorations. i gave you my body – beautiful, you murmuredas yourContinue reading “i gave you everything”

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