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Why Can Some People Not Write Coherently?

Oftentimes when I read articles on the internet or the fine print of mail that my parents received, I wonder if I should be understanding every word that it is saying. Unlike regular literature, some of these texts are loaded with synonyms, jargon, and technical terms that my mind, locked in the world of school,Continue reading “Why Can Some People Not Write Coherently?”


For Those Who Like Posts But Don’t Read Them…

For those who like posts but don’t read them, this is for you. In my recent days of my blogging, I have discovered that it is simple to like a post. You click a star in your reader, and it says you’ve liked it. At this point, you don’t even need to read the post.Continue reading “For Those Who Like Posts But Don’t Read Them…”

Five Tips: How to Make the Most Out of Your Mornings

Mornings are a sacred time for all of us. I, for one, do not want to be talked to, yelled at, or bothered in the morning. I especially do not want to be woken up in the morning out of a dream. Especially if it was a nice dream. Over quarantine, I found an exemplaryContinue reading “Five Tips: How to Make the Most Out of Your Mornings”

What Are We Proud of?

Why are we not proud? It is almost ingrained in human nature to be self-deprecating. We practice looking into the mirror and pointing at the features we hate and the features we wish we had. Everyday, we find something to be ashamed of. As a female, it’s almost shameful to be prideful. To pay complimentsContinue reading “What Are We Proud of?”

Showing versus Telling: Intricacies of Writing

The wind whistled through the trees, the colorful yellow and orange leaves of autumn rustling around. Already, the emerald green grass that had shone so proudly just yesterday was covered in a carpet of the tree’s intricately-shaped presents. The leaves made a satisfying crunch sound as my red Converse met the ground- as satisfying asContinue reading “Showing versus Telling: Intricacies of Writing”

The Quarantine Life: Blogging Edition

The quarantine lifestyle is our new style. It’s filled with sitting around watching television or pecking away at our computer, sleeping in, forcing ourselves to do work and reminding ourselves that this is not a long-term weekend, and basically, freaking out over the world situation. But it has thankfully given us a lot of timeContinue reading “The Quarantine Life: Blogging Edition”

Don’t Force Yourself to Write

You’re staring at a blank page. No words litter the page with your ideas and imagination. It’s just… blank. We’ve all encountered this before. You sit down, ready to type something, and nothing comes into mind. In fact, this post started because I had nothing to write about and wrote a few nonsense sentences ontoContinue reading “Don’t Force Yourself to Write”

So the World Can Hear…

Scream! The world is vast, filled with animals and plants. Filled with humans of all kinds who, like us, are filled with a mission to be something greater. To be something better. But, often, looking for one human – looking for you, looking for me – is like finding a needle in a haystack. OurContinue reading “So the World Can Hear…”