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the angelic mad queen

call me a failurewith your pitiful voices,bitter faces,don’t forget to mention all my mistakes – the incident back in sixth and seventh,break down all my intercepted ambitions,laugh at the tears sliding down my face – deep voice of dogmatic lies,point out my broken fingers –ripped-up papers screwed-up hatredmessed-up judgements thrown-up and down, a roller-coaster withContinue reading “the angelic mad queen”

dark influence

My life is contained to this house. White walls on white walls. Wooden floor. The planks never creak. Everything is in place. Nothing is out of order. At exactly 7am, I wake up. (I don’t use an alarm because I remember you used to tell me alarms were for the weak.) I get out ofContinue reading “dark influence”

The Broken One

Broken words, shattered mirror,Tears ricochet, shouts linger,Bruises in shape of butterfly on stomach. Held by chains against rock,Raging storm surround,Screams unheard, alone. Crawl across sand, Wind ferocious biting into skin,Raw knees, raw soul. Beg for forgiveness,Pushed back down, back screaming,Waves relentless on your shore. Broken soul, broken tears,He says “I’m sorry, can you forgive?”Buys youContinue reading “The Broken One”