motivation for the frozen

… some days, as you sit at your desk —watch YouTube videos, doodle lazily, yawn a few hundred times —you are the frozen fixture in life,the people around you in the crowd,ebbing and flowing,discovering a new element, being a savior, working, working, working,and you start to wonder — what can i be doing at thisContinue reading “motivation for the frozen”

rainy thoughts

the heavens weep for all of those it has lost to the merciless winter sweeping across desert lands with a heavy hand, sparking no glance to the gray huddled masses crowded around a single burning fire. but hope can only burn for so long, and it sputters out as the heavens weep along with theContinue reading “rainy thoughts”

contemplating life but mostly just wishing

it’s as if the whole word is revolving around you – the branches swaying from side to side, caressed by the sweeping wind brushing its gentle sway over the life among it and the outline of the moon high up in the still pastel blue sky as the sun in the west waves its finalContinue reading “contemplating life but mostly just wishing”

mad queen

there’s a river winding through my palace,made of gold, glistening and shimmering,i dip my feet into it every morning,wash my face in its holy waters,thanks for that, fools,you bought me this liquid gold,i gift you this black coal. your poisonous words hit my coat,gave me a lion’s roar – queen of the jungle, I stalkedContinue reading “mad queen”


when you grow older,the days grow short, nights grow long,but stars shine brighter You hear all about it. The athletes who have to sit out because their limbs wore out, the dancers whose legs gave out, the musicians whose memory became thinner and their hands grew weaker, the workers who could barely stand to walk.Continue reading “older”

you tried and failed

you offered me a rope up,your condescending smirk anchoring me to the spot. i batted it away. you dropped down praise from the sky,waiting for me to lap up the false words like a dog. i let it sink into the ground. you showered me with gifts,your money flying in five hundred different directions. iContinue reading “you tried and failed”


the pain, the longing, the suffering,they hit me everyday,they want me to take it,to slide the needle into my skin,to search for that never-ending relief. You told me to get clean before we got back together. It took me three months. I was on and off, on and off. I loved the high, hated theContinue reading “trying”

ghost town

the sky is dreary. rain falls down in merciless waterfalls, battering the cracking sidewalks relentlessly. trees with their branches stripped bare sway side to side. weakened roots from time without the sun threaten to give out. a river of dirt flows from the dirt fields in the north. red brick buildings, all roughly shaped cubesContinue reading “ghost town”

living loudly

This may be one of the least morbid things that I have ever said. I’m quite proud of that, actually. It’s just hit me that we are getting old. We’re getting old, our limbs are growing weaker, our hair grows lighter as each day passes, and our faces gain wrinkles. Life lines our limbs. TheContinue reading “living loudly”

dark influence

My life is contained to this house. White walls on white walls. Wooden floor. The planks never creak. Everything is in place. Nothing is out of order. At exactly 7am, I wake up. (I don’t use an alarm because I remember you used to tell me alarms were for the weak.) I get out ofContinue reading “dark influence”

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