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rushing along the highway of life

our lives pass by quick,cars speeding along high ways,a blink of an eye flash of bright lightning,we finds ourselves behind veils,surrounded by earth but we are blindedby riches and golden greedcount money by days we flip through pagesof finance and novels quicktime will never stop but we flip too quickand lose the meaning of lifeinContinue reading “rushing along the highway of life”

5 Books By Black Authors To Read This Summer

As the George Floyd incident washes over the world, it is more important than ever to read black authors’ works, both to support them and to read what it is like from their perspective in a predominantly white male world. Below, I have listed five books which I believe were wonderful and charged with femaleContinue reading “5 Books By Black Authors To Read This Summer”

Importance of Depicting Mental Illnesses In Novels

Novels are touted as sources of fantasy and imagination that meet together with the realistic mind to create a painting of endless color and texture. They often take the unimaginable and put them into words that take you along for the ride. Other times, they take reality and twist it into a mocking stereotype ofContinue reading “Importance of Depicting Mental Illnesses In Novels”