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The Author

Hello all! My name is Jessica Liu. I find it odd to be talking about myself, but I do bare my soul in many of my posts.

I am a California girl at heart, living amongst the waves and the sand, spending my time looking up at the stars when my mind wanders past the pages of the books and into the night sky. Living where I am, the night is always almost obscured by the man-made pollution and smoke, so I often find myself dreaming of a sky that is dotted by pinpricks of bright burning light.

I discovered my passion for writing in junior high, when my hands were still clumsy with a pencil, and I was still trying to sort out the bare bones of who I was. I am sorry to say that while my hands have mostly steadied, I am still just as lost as the rest of us, but I can say with certainty that I am a writer, a warrior, an athlete, a woman, a dreamer, and a person who hopes to leave her own mark in the form of a burning star on the world.

Autumn is my favorite season. It is the time where beautiful colors burst forth visibly on the trees, lining the streets with its vivid fruit and painting the sidewalks of splatters of golden gold, burnt orange, and rusted red. It is the time where I grow an age physically but grow ten ages mentally. It is the time where I can shed my skin – shed my leaves, if you must – and be introspective as the leaves fall around me.

My favorite color is larkspur purple, and I enjoy listening to sad pop rock while typing away at my computer. I love looking at cats (I don’t own any pets, thus I can’t say that I like cats, persay), and I absolutely hate spiders. I am a Slytherin at heart and in my bones, and am just as enamored with fictional worlds as I was when I was in elementary school. I am a dreamer, a fighter, and a feminist, and fiercely believe that women can do just as good, if better, than men; I am also just as aware of the social injustices that men face as well, and do my best to encapsulate their struggles in my writings.

If you have any questions about me personally or about the blog in general, please email me anytime at You can also reach me on Instagram through the username @chaos.of_life .

Thank you so much for reading.

All About Me!

What I Do

I’m a high schooler. But I do write this blog as a hobby on my free time, and I play soccer as a midfielder. I enjoy playing piano and reading countless of books in my free time.

About this Blog

This blog is dedicated to helping others, exposing the grey and black and white parts of the world, writing my heart out, and connecting with other readers. I hope you enjoy and recommend!


I’m quite sarcastic, a tiny bit of funny, and usually happy on the inside. Inside, I’m a turmoil of sadness, longing, and wishfulness. I wish I could living on the moon amongst the stars.


Again, you can contact me at my email or my Instagram username at chaos.of_life .

Let’s explore the stars and walk the moon together.

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