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the clumsy fingersof childhood reach for the stars – hopes of the unreal i’ve been reading The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. yes, it is a children’s book. yes, it is a wonderful book to read. the morals, pure innocence, and emotions that radiate from its pages… it makes you realize that childhood wasContinue reading “childhood”


on the scratchy grassdigging past the thick layers of her windbreaker,arms spread, eyes disbelieving,dark sky filled with pinpricks of light – were the stars taped on? – glimmering and shining and dreaming,to see constellations tell the mighty storiesof the fallen,to see the galaxy in which they belonged topast the smoke of the city,cloudy fear andContinue reading “nostalgia”

peter pan

i want to stay in the land of sun,the land with no rain,where it is all fun and games,laughter and child’s play. i want to stay in the land of smiles,where our feet can walk milesand never feel tired,with boundless energy like the Nile. i want to stay in the land of no worries,where financeContinue reading “peter pan”