conversation about stars

why i believe in the stars? it’s a novelty i have never seen – a night sky with millions of pinpoint dots of light shining through — through what? what? why? how? when? where? the five questions of life. back on point, i am not an optimistic person. i prefer to see myself as aContinue reading “conversation about stars”

contradictions of reality

the boundary between dreams and reality is thin. the ghosts and demons of your darkest dreams leak out of your nightmares, tainting the golden glow of the sun on once-bright blue days. instead, the brightness is tempered by a darkness flickering on the corners of your visions. you shudder. the insane laugh at the sane.Continue reading “contradictions of reality”

a useless savior

all you speak about is saving me, with your soft smooth lips and ocean wave voice,wash over me like waters, i close my eyes,the heavens are so golden here, with glitter floating down– or is that ash? – onto my calloused fingertips,and all i see when i look at you, your wild gesturesand raised voices,Continue reading “a useless savior”

contradictions of life

it’s a love and hate relationship between the two of us,it is the shining gold moments where i let myself relax and trustin the beauty of the trees lining smooth highways,a paradise that i cannot find even in the glittering golden raysof sunlight flickering through a window in may. but the sunlight somehow doesn’t hideContinue reading “contradictions of life”

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