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The Chaos Theory: Butterfly Wings

Chaos of Life

A blog dedicated to self-care, literature, and the nuances of black, grey, and white within our broken world


Chaos of Life is a blog dedicated to creating an aesthetic of poetry, prose, and all the beautiful aspects of this world.

From the broken corners of shattered mirrors to the billowing smoke from raging fires to the scattering of autumn leaves on a breezy day, this blog is focused on bending, twisting, and straightening words to create scenes of beauty, despair, and wonder to both brighten up your day and reveal to you the darkest parts of the world.

Even when the darkest night befalls, covering the world in its stifling stranglehold and blowing out the sun and the stars, remember that humankind can still make their own lightcan still light a candleto bring brightness to their world and others.