melt of snow on mountain caps,the empty stump of a once vital tree,smoke drifting from rubblethe reach of my hand for yours but you drift awaywith the break of the wavescolored red, heartbreak,your tears don’t surface your emotions blind your eyesthe decision made, i see the hatchet bloodshed around us, only my pride left,don’t –Continue reading “don’t”


is there a reason why my heart beats? is there a reason why my lungs continue to draw breath? the air that keeps me alive,the blood that flows through my veins,nothing is enough to fill the space within me,an empty vacuum of nothingthat used to be something that used to be everything but my soulContinue reading “missing”

empty dreams

is it these pressures that balance on my shoulders,these rocks tumble precariously,until my entire self crumbles? i dissolve, a nothing against a haze of somethingand everything disappears. am i just a hallucination?i want to be a mirage, disappear at first glance,an image of what you want,an image of what you can never find. the oasisContinue reading “empty dreams”


gnawingbones shattering,drums pounding – hollow, hollow, hollow –the buzzing intensifies,black and white vision –broken, breaking, gone –tingles run up your spine,sweat builds,the room is burning,burning burning burningthere is nothing here,nothing,shrieks, building in your ears,you can’t breathe – nothing,nothing, nothing – no air,lungs constrict, air disappears, the breathsfrantic, help!you shriek silentlyand there is nothing left.

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