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not all endings are happy.

some are indifferent. short clipped words at the end of a conversation. a gradual drifting apart.

others are one-sided. one leaves. the other is left picking up the pieces of their shattered self. one lies on the hospital bed, drifting away into the unknown. the other sits by their side, tears carving trails of weariness into their face.

but the other group is where everyone is broken. where it is too broken to even be fixed. where regret and loss linger like a bad stench in a stale room. there is no more heart. it is an empty cavern.

pain and happiness are always intertwined. you can’t appreciate one if you haven’t experienced the other.

an ending is the beginning. a beginning is an ending. the circle continues.

sometimes, there are tears. sometimes, there are smiles. sometimes… there is nothing.

but always, the theater is full. the world stage is set for the million specks of dust walking on planet earth.

the curtain is drawn. the characters leave the stage.

the audience waits for the beginning once again.


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