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in the universe,the inherently equal balanceof dark and night, good and evil,eventually reaps losses and gainsto both sides so the world watched as the phoenix emperor felland the dark night took its place but, in the dark night,a comet blazed through the bespectacled sky and so the battle between opposing forcescontinue

prophets and lore

the real prophets find their wayweaving the universe’s threadsbetween stars and galaxies,forever scorned, they resideon the brinks of society,cursed to be ignored and forgotten,for their warnings to go unheard,presence blurred,their existence upheldonly by the secrets of the universewhispered into their ears,the swirling galaxies become their eyesas pressing silence pressestheir sanity into a bottleand soon theyContinue reading “prophets and lore”


the universe guides my hand,blindly, i follow Fate, cruel mistress,as thorn traps scratch my souland golden frogs rip out my heart,i walk down Fate’s path blindly,looking for something that isn’t there do you believe in fate or choice? or a mixture of both? to believe in fate or to not believe in fate, that isContinue reading “fate”