the hands of the clock meet every minute, every hour. some say it is the meeting between friends, torn apart by different paths who meet at intersections. the paths wind through a forest, and each time they get farther from each other, circumstances bring them back. they are forever fated to be together at oneContinue reading “finite”


the wall rises in front of me,looming like a monster whose hungerprecedes all human thoughts. my hands ache from gripping the bricks – cuts and bruises bloom with vibrant ferocity. my knees ache from falling too many times from the top,the left leg bent at an unnatural angle missing a shoe. mud covers my legsContinue reading “fighter”

together forevermore

our hands used to intertwinelike clinging ivy to its oldest treeas we waved and laughed and hopedin the downpour of the rain. matching smiles on our facesas we jumped the fence and ran,our feet pounding the groundto the same rhythm only we could hear. but the sun set as it rose,and rose-colored days turned intoContinue reading “together forevermore”

Standing Up For What We Believe In

Standing up for what we believe in is a choice. We are not forced. We can truly stand on the sidelines and watch the world revolve. We can be the silent audience, looking on at the show. Tendrils of power float beneath your fingers. It’s a harness, tied to the back of a horse thatContinue reading “Standing Up For What We Believe In”

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