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We All Have a Story to Tell

Dark brown hair, tilted brown eyes, tanned skin. Blonde wavy hair, blue glittering eyes, fair skin. Dark curly brown hair, intense dark brown eyes, coffee-colored skin. We all have a story to tell. Past our skin color, past our look, past our personality. A person once told me we have three hearts. One heart weContinue reading “We All Have a Story to Tell”

The Reality About “Happily Ever Afters”: An Ending Grounded in Fiction

I’ve never really enjoyed happily ever afters. Happily ever afters are a tidy way to end a story. It’s simple and easy. It leaves the readers with no questions, leaves the author feeling satisfied, and leaves everyone happy. I’ve never liked those endings. Because a world where everyone is happy is no world at all.Continue reading “The Reality About “Happily Ever Afters”: An Ending Grounded in Fiction”