contradictions of reality

the boundary between dreams and reality is thin. the ghosts and demons of your darkest dreams leak out of your nightmares, tainting the golden glow of the sun on once-bright blue days. instead, the brightness is tempered by a darkness flickering on the corners of your visions. you shudder. the insane laugh at the sane.Continue reading “contradictions of reality”

We All Have a Story to Tell

Dark brown hair, tilted brown eyes, tanned skin. Blonde wavy hair, blue glittering eyes, fair skin. Dark curly brown hair, intense dark brown eyes, coffee-colored skin. We all have a story to tell. Past our skin color, past our look, past our personality. A person once told me we have three hearts. One heart weContinue reading “We All Have a Story to Tell”

The Reality About “Happily Ever Afters”: An Ending Grounded in Fiction

I’ve never really enjoyed happily ever afters. Happily ever afters are a tidy way to end a story. It’s simple and easy. It leaves the readers with no questions, leaves the author feeling satisfied, and leaves everyone happy. I’ve never liked those endings. Because a world where everyone is happy is no world at all.Continue reading “The Reality About “Happily Ever Afters”: An Ending Grounded in Fiction”

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