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Blog’s Mission

Chaos of Life is a literary blog, dedicated to opening eyes through prose and poetry to the nuanced black, white, and grey of our broken yet beautiful world.

Light cannot exist without dark. The stars cannot exist without the night. Small smiles and laughs cannot be expressed without seeing the absolute shattered.

So, in this way, Chaos of Life attempts to resemble the darkest night within this world, coaxing out the darkness within our world while highlighting and emphasizing the stars that continue to shine, as well as the man-made candles that we light when the night grows smothering.

Walk this path with me. Trace along the constellations of Leo and Scorpius and the countless other stars that burn bright. Travel among the vast darkness that threatens to blot out the moon. Burn along the fiery flames of the candle that we light the world with, that we carry as we trace new paths for others to follow.

So, please, immerse yourself in the small world of Chaos of Life where the night makes way for the stars, and the stars blend into night.

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