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Things We Miss from the Pre-Covid World

It’s normal to miss things.

Especially since the world has practically turned upside down on us. We, in the United States, have been stuck in our houses for about four months. I remember the day that students were told we were not allowed to go back to school. March 13, a rainy Friday. Above all, that day just screams unlucky (Friday the 13th, rain means horror movie…)

I remember being hit with a shock of horror, despair, and anger. I didn’t want to leave school, despite all the homework because all my friends were there. I enjoyed spending time with them, gossiping with them, and annoying them frankly.

But, as time passed by, this feeling of shock wore away to a routine that became minimal homework on computer and preparing for the future.

Even though I have been used to this Covid-19 world, I still miss quite a few things.

And, generally, I think this can be applied to everyone else. We’re social creatures, and being stuck in our houses is killing us.

  1. Our friends.

    I still talk to them from time to time over FT, and text them regularly. But I still miss having those face to face conversations and being able to hug one another. Also, humans are social creatures. We need to talk to someone face-to-face, be able to touch each other, and just feel each other’s presence.
  2. Going out to eat.

    Those restaurant experiences were a time where we could pretend we were fancy and relax. Also, there is just some magic about restaurant food that makes the restaurant seem from a completely different world than your house.
  3. Exercise routines that did not involve at home workouts or walking/jogging outside.

    The gym!
  4. Watching live sports.

    Highlights of our day where we could scream and cheer from our couch. Now, even as soccer slowly returns, it’s different without the fans there.
  5. Freedom.

    It feels like we do not have the freedom to make our choice of going out or not. Now it’s mandatory to stay in, to preserve our health and the health of the people around us. Still, it would be nice to feel like we had control over our lives again.
  6. Travelling.

    If you had a vacation to Hawaii or Europe or other places this year, I feel for you. We were going to travel this summer to, but Covid-19 put those plans in the trash. I mean, is it wrong to miss destinations with the sea view, sunny weather, and relaxation all around?

Those are, I think, the general things of what we are missing.

If you think of anything more, feel free to comment and I’ll add it to the list!

Lots of love,



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