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How to Build a Stronger Immune System

Having a strong immune system is important in times of a pandemic. Although the streets remain silent and people stay in their homes, the country is reopening, and the virus is spreading. The truth is, staying indoors has not helped our immune system; perhaps it has weakened our immune system. The Internet has been buzzingContinue reading “How to Build a Stronger Immune System”

6 Common Myths in Fitness

The fitness world has been mired with truths and myths from the moment it emerged. From the myth that we can reduce fat around our midriff by doing hundreds of sit-ups to the myth that exercise is bad for our knees, it is hard to determine what is a truth and what is a half-truthContinue reading “6 Common Myths in Fitness”

5 Ways To Deal With Change

Recently, one of my soccer teammates secretly told me that she was leaving the team. She was one of my best friends on my team, and the person that I hung out with the most. So, naturally, I was devastated. I am someone who does not deal with change very well. I am someone whoContinue reading “5 Ways To Deal With Change”

Self-Care During Quarantine

While we are forced to stay inside, it’s easy to forget about self-care. After all, self-care is for the people who are busy all the time and who have to deal with the hourly rush of homework among other activities. For us at home, watching television is a form of self-care. It really isn’t. It’sContinue reading “Self-Care During Quarantine”

Things We Miss from the Pre-Covid World

It’s normal to miss things. Especially since the world has practically turned upside down on us. We, in the United States, have been stuck in our houses for about four months. I remember the day that students were told we were not allowed to go back to school. March 13, a rainy Friday. Above all,Continue reading “Things We Miss from the Pre-Covid World”