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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 17- Ways to Win My Heart

This was quite an interesting prompt to write about.

Ways to win my heart. Never thought seriously about this one before.

Also, weird topic to write about. Did I mention that already?

Is it me or is it a bit awkward right now?

Anyways, here are 7 ways to win my heart.

  1. Listen to me when I have to rant about something.

    Please, please just listen. Don’t interject with some advice or some other type of BS. Sometimes, women just want you to listen, not to help.
  2. Make me laugh/smile everyday.

    Hey, as long as I’m happier right? Also, wit and humor is good. Don’t be a boring numbskull who goes by the clock every day. Tell me jokes. Indulge my inner child.
  3. Give me compliments every once in a while.

    I am not giving an explanation for this, but it’s nice to be told that you are “smart” or “cute”.
  4. Speak to me at least a few times every day.

    I don’t want to feel left out. I also don’t want to overstress things when I feel like you’re ignoring me. (That’s just me.)
  5. Tell me stories.

    I love hearing stories. Besides, I want to know more about you, whoever you are. So that I’m not falling in love with a stranger who knows everything about me. Also, would like to just hear your voice.
  6. Don’t try to change me.

    If you do, I’m leaving you immediately.
  7. Give me chocolates every once in a while. Maybe a stuffed animal. And gift me a unicorn.

    This one, y’all can disregard. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

These are really broad, but that’s what I want in a guy.

I want him to like me for who I am, be there for me, and make me smile no matter what.

What are the top ways to win your heart? I would love to hear your lists!

Lots of love,



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