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prophets and lore

the real prophets find their wayweaving the universe’s threadsbetween stars and galaxies,forever scorned, they resideon the brinks of society,cursed to be ignored and forgotten,for their warnings to go unheard,presence blurred,their existence upheldonly by the secrets of the universewhispered into their ears,the swirling galaxies become their eyesas pressing silence pressestheir sanity into a bottleand soon theyContinue reading “prophets and lore”


Old Prejudices

We live in a world torn apart by prejudices. A world torn apart by divisions between genders. Between colors. Between each other. Women received the right to vote in America on August 18, 1920 with the passing of the 19th Amendment. Old prejudices have not changed. In households, traditions are upheld. In mine, women cook,Continue reading “Old Prejudices”

Things We Miss from the Pre-Covid World

It’s normal to miss things. Especially since the world has practically turned upside down on us. We, in the United States, have been stuck in our houses for about four months. I remember the day that students were told we were not allowed to go back to school. March 13, a rainy Friday. Above all,Continue reading “Things We Miss from the Pre-Covid World”