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mad queen

there’s a river winding through my palace,
made of gold, glistening and shimmering,
i dip my feet into it every morning,
wash my face in its holy waters,
thanks for that, fools,
you bought me this liquid gold,
i gift you this black coal.

your poisonous words hit my coat,
gave me a lion’s roar –
queen of the jungle, I stalked through –
all you fools bowed down –
can’t hide your hateful eyes though,
called my crow to claw them out.

throne made of ivory and steel,
bite your tongue if you come near
or risk your precious head,
precious precious gold dripping from your fingers
into my mouth, sorry, can’t resist
you gave me this honey,
left none for yourself.

dangerous world we live in now,
where allies stick swords into their hearts
and watch the blood seep out –
liquid gold spilling from my chest,
you waited and watched,
fools, didn’t you listen –
all talk, no ears – oops, forgot i cut them off –
i’ll repeat it for you haters out there,
i got ten lives,
you got none.

give me your money – gold, silver, jewels –
your metal dirties my soul and my hands,
drop it into the fire, watch it burn,
i’m the golden queen, all you fools below me,
all whining and complaining with your howling –
howler monkeys, I could care less –
bow down to me, you gave me this pedestal,
paid my way up, gave me the fuel,
damn don’t waste your money and time now,
you spent so much to create me,
bow down, fools, don’t try to be seen,
i’m the spotlight, you the background, i’m the queen.

Sorry, this is what happens when you listen to rap with a great beat when you write. Sorry, this is what happens when you got drama in your life. Sorry, this is what happens when you’re in the mood. Sorry, this mad queen continuing her journey through my words. Sorry, I gave her this pedestal, watch her speak. Sorry, I gave her this crown, let her stand on the podium above all these crowds. Sorry, I helped pay her way up. Sorry, gave her these muscles so she could flex them. Sorry, gave her this danger so she could wield it. Sorry, gave her this personality so she could scare. Sorry, watch out, she’s coming for your hearts.


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