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rant of the mad queen

y’all gonna give me the finger,talk behind my back, feel the need to linger,gonna stick your beady eyes into my face,attack my head with a sharp mace look up, your eyes so focused on the ground,don’t see the axe in front of you – hear the sound – whoosh – your cages can’t keep meContinue reading “rant of the mad queen”

mad queen

there’s a river winding through my palace,made of gold, glistening and shimmering,i dip my feet into it every morning,wash my face in its holy waters,thanks for that, fools,you bought me this liquid gold,i gift you this black coal. your poisonous words hit my coat,gave me a lion’s roar – queen of the jungle, I stalkedContinue reading “mad queen”


I need a beat to write my words to,ones the haters can’t listen to;problem is that they try to drown out my voice,my ears deaf to the world, I only speakthe whole truth, they hear all lies.These fools take their words to be truth,spit out insults, watch them fly.They call me betrayal, they call meContinue reading “queen”


they kick you down and throw you aroundbut you know you are enough,and, soon, one day, you’ll be at the top,and they’ll be looking up at you. ALWAYS remember that you are enough. ALWAYS know that someone out there cares for you. ALWAYS believe in yourself, no matter what.

mother’s journey

gently, she kissesthe top of her baby’s head,wishing for the best she carries the houseon her well-worn tired shoulders – her baby gurgles nights filled with worriesof her baby – her future – tear tracks carved in deep the wrinkles of timemark her face as her baby grows and blossoms sweet till the day arrivedwhenContinue reading “mother’s journey”

high heels, apologies, and ex-models

high heels, lipstick,the clicking of magnetic allure,dazzling smile, dyed hair,just what you’ve been looking for. the tight clothes can hardly fit,but you deem her good enough.her beauty is slightly dull,but enough to sell the papers. pounds gain, pounds lost,you wag your fingers at her blotchy face.really, you – the epitome of male – muse, womenContinue reading “high heels, apologies, and ex-models”

Why Sexual Assault Should Be Talked About In School

We find sexual assault immensely hard to talk about. Even in my high school, there is a lack of conversation about this topic, regarding both females and males because, yes, males can be sexually assaulted as well. There may be an outcry in the public world and social media world about MeToo and greater supportContinue reading “Why Sexual Assault Should Be Talked About In School”