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we, together

we, together,look like a rising wave,blue and ferocious in its calling voices,screaming for change to current shambles,screaming for love in current hate. we, together,fly like a thousand arrows,hurtling towards the heart of this broken world,hurtling towards the head of this unstable society. we, together,stand strong like a brick wall,protecting against the bigotry and hate,protecting usContinue reading “we, together”

mad queen

there’s a river winding through my palace,made of gold, glistening and shimmering,i dip my feet into it every morning,wash my face in its holy waters,thanks for that, fools,you bought me this liquid gold,i gift you this black coal. your poisonous words hit my coat,gave me a lion’s roar – queen of the jungle, I stalkedContinue reading “mad queen”


they kick you down and throw you aroundbut you know you are enough,and, soon, one day, you’ll be at the top,and they’ll be looking up at you. ALWAYS remember that you are enough. ALWAYS know that someone out there cares for you. ALWAYS believe in yourself, no matter what.

mother’s journey

gently, she kissesthe top of her baby’s head,wishing for the best she carries the houseon her well-worn tired shoulders – her baby gurgles nights filled with worriesof her baby – her future – tear tracks carved in deep the wrinkles of timemark her face as her baby grows and blossoms sweet till the day arrivedwhenContinue reading “mother’s journey”


It is when the sun comes down,and the tears wash away my sorrows,where I can finally relaxand wallow in the shallows of happiness. My muscles groan with pain,and my hair hangs limply over my shoulders,where my pale faceglows slightly in the moonlight. There is dirt under my nails,dried blood I would reckon as well,but IContinue reading “Stronger”

strong: part v

being strong is not a request,it’s a fact.a hard factbecause in this world,if you aren’t strong,you crack. be strong through the failures,and the failures are plenty. be strong through the million lectureslectures tinted with red yells,and don’t let your tears slide. be strong through the times you are hurt,bloodied knee, twisted ankle. learn to buildContinue reading “strong: part v”

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick blushingHair in brown waterfall wavesJagged at the ends. Back straight, look pretty,Sit down, close mouth, lovely facePainted doll for show She kisses and tells,Called out as ugly whoreTears slide, heels in trash. Stay single, risk firePrude, ugly, too fat, too thin,Tears slide, heels in trash. Changes come too slowClinging to black and whiteContinue reading “Red Lipstick”

Pink Is Not Our Color

Pink is not our color,You can’t expect us to simply comply.We live among dragons who breathe fire,Yet we are supposed to sweep their mess and cry. Pink is not our color,We are ladies of a thousand butterfly wings.Don’t tell us we are fragile,Else we might butcher your tyrannical kings. Pink is not our color,We areContinue reading “Pink Is Not Our Color”