tomorrow is yesterday

my breaths seemed to have paused,
frozen in time, to this icy wind,
as the nighttime slowly lifts,
taking with it the cover of stars –
all glimmering and twinkling in good-bye –
leaving behind the residue of midnight
drifting away in the face of blinding light
reflecting the puff of my breath –
the shape of today
(or was it yesterday long-past?)
suspended in mid-air –
and my eyes blink –
one two three
and my breath is still frozen in place,
captured by the jaws of petals
blossoming from the mouths of flowers,
a rainbow of colors bursting forward
into spring,
leaving me still frozen in winter,
slowly thawing,
miles behind the sun
as it rises and falls in a flash,
and the leaves change in a blink,
my eyes blink –
one two three
winter became spring,
and tomorrow became yesterday.

I think this poem speaks for itself.

Time in this pandemic seems to have frozen. We spend our days looking at our television, computer, phone, typing away or watching away. The days blend together, as the sun rises and sets, and we don’t notice the loss of the day until it’s too late.

Therefore, what used to be tomorrow became yesterday.

And we keep chasing time, day after day, unable to catch up.

Because we forget, although we seem to be frozen in the middle of this pandemic, time is still moving.

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