tomorrow is yesterday

my breaths seemed to have paused,frozen in time, to this icy wind,as the nighttime slowly lifts,taking with it the cover of stars – all glimmering and twinkling in good-bye –leaving behind the residue of midnightdrifting away in the face of blinding lightreflecting the puff of my breath – the shape of today (or was itContinue reading “tomorrow is yesterday”

Nothing Will Be The Same

Nothing will be the same, you see? The masks, the gloves… We’re all afraid to touch each other. We don’t want to be in enclosed spaces surrounded by living breathing people who can… I shudder to even think about it. And the poor children! How they must go to school… haven’t you heard about theContinue reading “Nothing Will Be The Same”

The Case of Reading During the Pandemic

We are currently stuck in our homes, waiting for the social-isolation ban to lift. New Zealand has already lifted it ban, declaring its country virtually covid-19 free. There are many other countries who have followed suit or have already done so. And those in the United States, like me, are watching the growing covid-19 casesContinue reading “The Case of Reading During the Pandemic”

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