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vision of peace

our fingers tangled in strands of grassas our vision turned black and whitein the dark nightas the ball of golden light sank―sank below the glassy horizon―as overlapping colors of pink, orange, and yellowdappled the topaz-colored skyin gentle waves lappingon the shores of the heavens. slowly, as our hands hugged each other close,the silvery pinpricks ofContinue reading “vision of peace”

sunset night

sheets of plated gold layered over cloudy opal,withered trees casting shadows over uneven pavements,the starry night awe, a raven caws. okay, imagine this. half-hidden behind fields that look emerald green from afar, the top of the sun is barely visible, yet you can see the yellow and orange rays seeming to shine through a thinContinue reading “sunset night”

tomorrow is yesterday

my breaths seemed to have paused,frozen in time, to this icy wind,as the nighttime slowly lifts,taking with it the cover of stars – all glimmering and twinkling in good-bye –leaving behind the residue of midnightdrifting away in the face of blinding lightreflecting the puff of my breath – the shape of today (or was itContinue reading “tomorrow is yesterday”