young forever

names and photographs engraved in history books,the cheers drown out the roar of time,tears remain frozen on my face,dare i surround myself in this cloak of light,the clocks stop,standing on the stage, reaching out for the fans – screams of my name bring me to my knees – an emptiness will swallow me whole tomorrow,yesterdayContinue reading “young forever”

blink of an eye

fleeting second.kaleidoscope of noise and colorcut out in a blink of an eyeblurred together –faces and voices and dreams,from the lonely moondangling in the night sky from a stringpulled up by the dropping weightof the vivid loud sun- seesaw, day and night.blink of an eye –tomorrow is yesterday,yesterday is the past,today is the future. closeContinue reading “blink of an eye”

tomorrow is yesterday

my breaths seemed to have paused,frozen in time, to this icy wind,as the nighttime slowly lifts,taking with it the cover of stars – all glimmering and twinkling in good-bye –leaving behind the residue of midnightdrifting away in the face of blinding lightreflecting the puff of my breath – the shape of today (or was itContinue reading “tomorrow is yesterday”

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