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explain to me

explain to me love
in all its various forms,
bubbles of pink and slashes of red
on a glowing white canvas.

explain to me worry,
the shudders that make its way
into my body,
the chewing of nails, panting breaths.

explain to me happiness,
gold at the end of a life-long rainbow,
and if it can be achieved
before i fade away into the afterlife.

explain to me anger,
the anger that can be felt with a family member,
the anger with a friend,
all shades of red slashed across a blue sky.

explain to me jealousy and envy,
toad green in its purest form,
flickering eyes, bitten lips,
roiling and tearing at the heart within.

explain to me sadness,
dark pulsing blue, depressed at the worst,
quiet tears, loud sobs, ripping at your heart,
and grief that threatens to drown you.

explain to me the emotions
that humans are forced to feel,
and why i must be fated to feel them,
overwhelmed by the bright colors,
my eyes are nearly blinded, ears deaf by shrieks of pain,
and i wonder,
is feeling so bad after all?


2 thoughts on “explain to me

    1. That is honestly so true. Sometimes, there are days where all the feelings just catch up to you, and you are surrounded in a hurricane of colors, and there are other days where the feelings are muted, and you have them on a tight leash. Thank you for reading and commenting!


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