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otherworldly etherealstrange features, lilting languageencompassing fear, inspiring aweone-hundred differences, one-hundred similaritiesraven beauty, exotic laughter,milky-white throat, wine-red lips,kind words, broken tears… the people’s jealousy,the noose around her neck,the rope snaps,no sound,all is lost otherworldly beautygolden halo, ruby blood,too beautiful for this world we reject those different from us.

explain to me

explain to me lovein all its various forms,bubbles of pink and slashes of redon a glowing white canvas. explain to me worry,the shudders that make its wayinto my body,the chewing of nails, panting breaths. explain to me happiness,gold at the end of a life-long rainbow,and if it can be achievedbefore i fade away into theContinue reading “explain to me”