it buzzes under my skin. the urge to move around. the urge to write. the urge to just do something. the detachment from reality – dawning a facade of “i don’t care” and “i am putting everything behind me” – was easy during the day. during the night, everything comes rushing back to me atContinue reading “anxiety”

what can i ever be?

i have never been as skillfulspeaking and talking and letting words whistle past my lips with the efficiency of an arrow hitting the bull’s eye,than with letting my fingers do the talking, ink painting the outside skin of my pinky, as i drag it across words staining pure white paper. my eyes can dart acrossContinue reading “what can i ever be?”

explain to me

explain to me lovein all its various forms,bubbles of pink and slashes of redon a glowing white canvas. explain to me worry,the shudders that make its wayinto my body,the chewing of nails, panting breaths. explain to me happiness,gold at the end of a life-long rainbow,and if it can be achievedbefore i fade away into theContinue reading “explain to me”

The Question of Uniqueness: Pondering the Asinine

I have since I entered middle school searched long and far to the answer of uniqueness. Perhaps I should start off with a question. After all, you cannot have an answer, but not a question. The question of uniqueness is a simple one. It is one of the ages. It is one that constantly plaguesContinue reading “The Question of Uniqueness: Pondering the Asinine”

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