Female Warrior

of dainty fingers and long hair
unbound, smiles in the wind,
with dreams of maidenhood,
marriage and children.

bloody fingers and chopped hair
thrown into a ponytail, pain etched
in the slight wrinkles of her smile,
dreams of happiness and building a future.

brick by brick,
calloused hands lift up the world,
a platform for the free-form men
and the women beneath, the foundation
crumbling and wasting away
from lack of care.

and the derisive laughter
and slanted eyes towards her body,
running up her limbs and her curves,
ignoring her courage, her heart, and her loyalty,
and trueness.

but she fights, still, with a sword in her hand,
along women like her,
with chopped hair and bloody fingers,
defiance written in every line for the word
freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

flying through the wind, hair unbound,
head lifted high for the world to see,
unbound of chains that kept her chained to a foundation
built for men,
and she flies free now,
creating new and better worlds for people
like her,

a female warrior.

Have any of you watched the new Mulan? How did y’all like it? I’ve always liked Mulan, the character, herself, and this just reinforced my beliefs!

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