The Un-Originality of Writing a Blog

Writing a blog is not original. Whatever you think, it’s not. You may be the first of your friends, but you’re certainly not the first in your city, your state, your country, or the entire world.

Every blog post has been recycled, trashed, recycled, and trashed again by different people around the world. They go through the lives of people living in the cities, in the countryside, bounce around in clubs, and skate through the ice. They dive beneath the water, take a deep breath of smoke, and finally land in your brain as you type it out on your black computer (if you are me) listening to Billie Eilish as she croons out a song.

And that’s the thing. Your blog. Your post. They’re not original. They’re ideas that have been chewed up and spit out over and over again in an endless cycle.

But that’s where the difference is.

Because the chewing, the spitting… all of that is being done by different people. That’s the beauty of uniqueness. Different people = different ways of writing out your idea.

For instance, what I’m writing about right now? This is completely not original. I stole the idea from another blog. (Yes, a good girl like me steals. But only ideas that I can create into my own. Don’t report me to the police. Please.) But the way I’m choosing to write about it is completely different from the post I “borrowed” it from.

You insert the post with your uniqueness. Don’t write as if you are a dull fifty-ish man who is a college professor of English and completely enjoys droning on and on in a monotonous tone about his ex-wife and his rebellious children who can’t sit still for more than an hour.

Write like yourself. If you’re this sarcastic, rebellious person looking for a release for anger about your life, write like that. If you’re this slower, easy-going person who is only looking for fun, write like that. And if you are that dull, fifty-ish college English professor with an ex-wife and rebellious children, write like yourself.

Because the readers can tell so much about your character by just reading your work.

And, besides, the more you insert your personality into your posts, the more readers are going to want to come back and read more of your work. Because they feel like they can empathize with you. They feel as if they have a person who understands how they feel.

There will always be those people who don’t like your type of person. They won’t like your writing. They won’t like your personality.

Who cares about them?

At least, if you write with your flourish, with your anger, with your sadness, then you turn a completely un-original piece of work into something you own.

That ought to make you proud, don’t you think?

Because it does for me.

So go out there in the great, vast world of the internet. Steal ideas. You can even wear a black cap and all black clothing if you want to get in the mood for it. And then completely transform that stolen piece of item into your own with your splashes of color, with your words, with your unique personality. Graffiti, or street art, if you will.

Why? Because every person deserves to be heard. Who cares if the idea has been written about one hundred times. Or a thousand times. It can be a million times for all I care.

If you write with your heart, readers are always going to want to come back.

So, fly my beautiful caterpillar. And when you return, grow your own pair of wings and completely transform into a beautiful butterfly.

Lots of love, and stay safe,


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