My List of Fears

Some fears are universal. Spiders, the dark… you know what I’m talking about. (And if you’re not scared of spiders, lucky you. Every time I see one, I shudder. I mean, they have a million bajillion eyes and eight legs and they scuttle towards you, their eyes fixed on you, and… ugh).

And then some fears are personal.

Here is a list of ten of my worst fears.

  1. Failure.
    Whenever I fail, I always feel as if my life is going in the wrong direction and that I am just the worst person in the world and will not go anywhere. Now I’m just rambling.
  2. Spiders.
    Like I said, I hate spiders.
  3. The dark.
    I mean, come on. You never know who will be hiding in the dark.
  4. Dolls.
    They have a painted on face, a creepy smile that always stays in that smile, and they stare at you fixedly. You never know, they might be possessed.
  5. Someone staring through the window at me.
    I never ever, ever want to turn around see someone staring through the window at me. I might just drop everything, run, and scream. That’s just plain creepy.
  6. Waking up and seeing someone dressed in all white and black hair staring at me.
    This one doesn’t deserve an explanation. It’s just completely scary.
  7. Heights.
    I mean, you could fall. There are so many things that can happen when you are high up in the air. Like someone could push you, and then you would rip through the sky and splat. Ugh.
  8. Roller-coasters.
    You never know what can go wrong on those mechanisms. I mean, it could suddenly stop at the highest point, the seat-belt mechanisms could fail, the roller-coaster could suddenly fly through the air… I don’t think I would do well at Hogwarts on a broomstick. (Though I like to think I would!)
  9. Making an embarrassment of myself in front of all my friends and students. Like, hello? No, thank you. I don’t want to be remembered as the Girl Who Tripped Over a Rock.
  10. Not going anywhere in life.
    That’s the most scared I get when I think about the future. There’s this girl at school who is involved in so many clubs and just so successful and smart; the worst thing is that she is completely nice and so hard to be mad at. So every time I fail at something, I compare myself to her, and then I get extremely sad. If I go nowhere in life, if I don’t go to a good college, if I have to settle for a low-paying job, I think I’d rather stay in high school for eternity.

So those are my biggest fears!

Feel free to comment below what your fears are as well!

Lots of love and keep safe,


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