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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7 – Favorite Movie

Let me be honest with you.

I don’t watch that many movies.

It’s not that I don’t want to watch them.

It’s that I don’t have the time.

But there was this one Korean movie my family watched in the beginning of this pandemic. Yes, we didn’t understand a word, but it did have subtitles.

The Innocent Witness.

A story about girl who has autism who witnessed a man’s death, yet is not believed and must go on trial to prove her competence and to show those around her that having autism does not mean being dumb or incapable of having human interaction.

The story brings a brings a rich perspective into the world of autism, and follows the protagonist’s gradual acceptance and growing understanding, and eventually love for the autistic girl.

But, more importantly, this movie places special emphasis on mental health issues and disorders. In Asian countries such as China and Korea, mental illnesses are something hide. It’s shameful. As a result, this Korean movie places a special emphasis on mental illness or disorders in general, constructing it – or autism – into a disorder that is not otherworldly, but a disorder that should be accepted. It makes the point that those with disorders and mental illnesses should be given the same chances at having a successful future as others, and not hidden away in a basement for fear of being humiliated.

Furthermore, The Innocent Witness also explores the human side of looking at autism. The protagonist finds the autistic girl somewhat unapproachable and a bit strange, but, over time, he gradually begins to feel love and care for her as he would a friend. There are still others who attempt to exploit the girl’s autism and twist her disorder into something it’s not.

But, for the courtroom smack-down, you have to watch the movie.

And you have my full assurance that it is excellent.

Lots of love,



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