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Importance of Depicting Mental Illnesses In Novels

Novels are touted as sources of fantasy and imagination that meet together with the realistic mind to create a painting of endless color and texture. They often take the unimaginable and put them into words that take you along for the ride. Other times, they take reality and twist it into a mocking stereotype ofContinue reading “Importance of Depicting Mental Illnesses In Novels”

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7 – Favorite Movie

Let me be honest with you. I don’t watch that many movies. It’s not that I don’t want to watch them. It’s that I don’t have the time. But there was this one Korean movie my family watched in the beginning of this pandemic. Yes, we didn’t understand a word, but it did have subtitles.Continue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7 – Favorite Movie”