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Day 13: No Snacks?!

It was my apparent duty to throw the challenge of having no snacks for the entire day onto my sister and I. A most grevious duty, as I throw my hand up in mock despair.

Snacks, as being operationally defined, includes everything eaten between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner, excluding fruit (not excluding dried fruit).

Alas, when it passed breakfast, I had managed to hold on. My stomach hadn’t rumbled, and I was at peace, pecking away at my computer.

But, lo and behold, as ten came, the most evillest time of the day, I began to feel the pangs of hunger. The craving for something so deliciously salty and spicy took hold of me, and it took everything in me to hold back.

To hold back!

Eventually, when my hunger and need for food overtook me, I took to opening the refrigerator and closets holding the delicious morsel of foods inside. And, alas, I was unable to find anything.

And so my appetite was repressed.

For ten minutes.

Until I opened a bag of chips.

I remember the feeling of the chip between my finger, the realization of doing something so morally against the challenge of the day, and the happiness as it found my mouth.

I had broken the challenge within the first three hours of waking up. And I don’t regret it at all. Even now, I’m munching away on some almonds, savoring the delicious creaminess and saltiness exploding in my mouth.

Alas, my sister beat me. She managed to abstain from all snacks for the entire day, as I watched aghast. I suppose, I could never restrain my id to stop my from eating snacks for the entire day.

Now, I must wait for that fateful day the realm of snacks leave this house. And leaves me woefully hungry and ill-prepared.

I have never realized how much I rely on snacks.

Lots of love, and keep snacking,



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