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The Thoughts of a Mother and a Child

Oh, how I must watch over my little child,
Her dainty fingertips reaching into the air,
Her smile lighting up the world around her.
Trips and falls,
A scream of fear utters from my lips,
The rocks of which lie a good yard from her,
Are too close,
And I gently hoist her up,
Back to the house.

Oh, how I miss my child as she prances into school,
She’s walking away from me,
And my heart clenches in pain and fear,
How will she take care of herself without me?

Oh, how I hate this rebellious child,
As she lounges on her phone while laying on the couch,
Her high school years catching up to her.
Our conversations of shouts and anger,
Echo through my mind,
And I retreat back to the safety of my bedroom,
Crying for my lovely child who is gone.

Oh, how I will miss you,
As you walk into the airport,
Your luggage safely rolling behind you,
A tear drops from my eye as you disappear into the distance,
Stay close, my little bird.

I teeter on the edge of a castle,
My fingers touching the wings of a thousand butterflies,
Flying above me.
Oh, dear, a dragon before me,
Swings its tail at me,
And I fall, laughing happily.
And then Mother takes me away,
Away from princesses, and tears roll down my face.

I laugh happily as I skip into school,
My friends on both sides of me,
I wave goodbye to Mother who is watching me sadly.
Doesn’t she want me to have fun?

I lounge on the couch, typing at my phone,
My one hour reprieve from the pains of high school,
And the time to rest my mind.
My mother stands in the corner, watching me,
But I ignore her, our argument fresh in my mind.
She says she does what is best for me,
But what is best for her is not what is best for me.

A tear rolls down my cheek as I bid goodbye to Mother,
No more happy memories,
With the mother bird who has guided me to this place,
And I wave my hand in final farewell.
We will see each other yet again.


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