break it down,
to the bare bones and the foundation
pure enjoyment fades into a nation
that is enraptured by greed,
the constant fame and money feed
the competition and hate and the blood on the streets
keep flowing past red, white, and blue. take a seat
mr. government, and all of the above, don’t fear,
the hate is always there, they shot the white dove, ate the meat.
houses that stand ten stories high,
and neighbors with twenty in the sky
mountains of money and glittering gold earrings
so much empty time and too many things
on twitter with sharp-edged teeth and guns
hurt less than firestorms of words but kill more under the sun
and still no one does anything, when white becomes red
the nation mourns but mr. government sleeps in bed.
protestors cry their haikus on streets once faded,
but the silence is louder than their words. greed unsated
takes over the world. equality, what’s the meaning?
utopians dream of equal rights, but we are living
in a dystopian novel and no one is seeing,
and no one is waking up to our reality and we are losing
to the countless dying and those living
are nothing but things in the vast everything

what’s the thing?
the thing that holds nothing
is the greed destroying
all your equal loving and living
into honey rotting and guns shooting
and twitter wars fighting
there’s no remedy for the hating
and the world keeps spinning
and the people keep spitting
and nothing is actually changing.

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