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thoughts: now and after

i won’t understand my words,written today,ten years from now the differencebetween barely grown and maturedis the thought-process. and once my thoughtssort themselves out,i will look back on these wordsand either laugh or cry. or i won’t even remember them. i don’t know which one is worse.

what can i ever be?

i have never been as skillfulspeaking and talking and letting words whistle past my lips with the efficiency of an arrow hitting the bull’s eye,than with letting my fingers do the talking, ink painting the outside skin of my pinky, as i drag it across words staining pure white paper. my eyes can dart acrossContinue reading “what can i ever be?”

colored words

It’s the swirling of colors around each wordthat brings me back to life,away from the dredges of a dark room,lonely heart, and sad soul.  My father’s words carried slashes of red,the red of the beer bottles that flew past meas he hurtled them to the wall – glass breaking –and when there were no bottles,thereContinue reading “colored words”