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it buzzes under my skin. the urge to move around. the urge to write. the urge to just do something. the detachment from reality – dawning a facade of “i don’t care” and “i am putting everything behind me” – was easy during the day. during the night, everything comes rushing back to me atContinue reading “anxiety”

i am love (爱)

it’s the same old thing, day after day,sun rises, moon wanes, ash floats in the gray,life – what is it truly – continues to crawl onin the shape of the cars skidding on the highways – gonewithin a flash, people too busy to look up and see,i feel alone – my heart is silent, thereContinue reading “i am love (爱)”

The Question of Uniqueness: Pondering the Asinine

I have since I entered middle school searched long and far to the answer of uniqueness. Perhaps I should start off with a question. After all, you cannot have an answer, but not a question. The question of uniqueness is a simple one. It is one of the ages. It is one that constantly plaguesContinue reading “The Question of Uniqueness: Pondering the Asinine”