they call me a madmanbecause i enjoy life. they burn me at stakebecause i enjoy the imaginary. they suffocate me in watersbecause i want to swim against the current. they throw rocks at mebecause i don’t care about love. they flay my skinbecause i dare to love myself. tell me, am i witch because iContinue reading “madman”

The Salem Witch Trials

There were soft whispers,of the rumor kind,that travelled behind my turned back.I closed my eyesto the hard truth,and focused on my two pencesand shabby threadbare dresses. Of calloused handsthat delivered babes,screaming and crying into a blue world,that brushed a sick woman’s hairaway from her crazed blue eyes. Of calloused handsthat hang loosely by my side,theContinue reading “The Salem Witch Trials”

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