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melt of snow on mountain caps,the empty stump of a once vital tree,smoke drifting from rubblethe reach of my hand for yours but you drift awaywith the break of the wavescolored red, heartbreak,your tears don’t surface your emotions blind your eyesthe decision made, i see the hatchet bloodshed around us, only my pride left,don’t –Continue reading “don’t”

from the clouds to the waves

fairy-tale dreams rolling across ocean blue skywithout a care in the world,whimsical and proud,they taunt the burning sun. where they dance, the sky turns white,and pureness and beauty appearsabove the ocean blue. frothy blue waves, coated with jealousy and hatred,crash and crash against the shore,roaring in anger to be freedfrom its prison. beauty was neverContinue reading “from the clouds to the waves”