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in a moment of time

in a moment of time,a brief blow of a breeze,a slight blink, a missed scene,the house of cards can come crumbling down. it was friday night,the moon was high,a luminous bowl of white wine in the sky. you and i, on the run,from our responsibilities. our car was blasting music,shared smiles, sly glances,the smell ofContinue reading “in a moment of time”

We Are Living in a Dystopian Novel

We are living in a dystopian novel. Ash decorates our shirts like a faux fur coat. Every breath we take shudders from the small particles that threatens to tear our lungs apart. And the smoke continues to rise. Red, orange flames decorate the horizon. Our mouths taste of fear. They are dry. The fire hasContinue reading “We Are Living in a Dystopian Novel”

The Beauty and Destruction of Our Planet

There used to be a time where life flourished. Let me tell you about that time. and in the midst of beauty and destruction,there was a pause. life. the stars have never shone so brightly,pinpricks of otherworldly lightpeeking through the night-colored cloth. and humans lay on their back,emerald green grass as soft a bed asContinue reading “The Beauty and Destruction of Our Planet”