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we are all here for you

when you feel alone,even when everyone around you is smiling,remember there is someone out there,someone like me,someone like friends you have yet to meet,someone like mentors who push you,who would give you anything,who would wipe your tears,who would hold out our arms for you,who would rewind time for you,who love you,despite your insecurities,despite outside pressure,despiteContinue reading “we are all here for you”


my star in my darkest night

amidst the stifling blanket of darkest night, i am thankful for the pinpricks of starlights that shine through 一 from the dreamers who once walked the same path as me, who paved the way for me who raised me, who provide my inspiration, who walked besides me despite the twists and turns, who put meContinue reading “my star in my darkest night”