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rusted chains snap with a metallic clang of finality. you tied me up with ropes that chafed at my wristthrew me in a dungeon, submerged me in ice,is it because i refused to paint your golden palace floors in yellow bloodred droplets in a circle – the choker around your neck – yeah, i bleedContinue reading “papillon”

Alone, yet Together: Fighting the Fight

“She stood apart from moral interest, yet close beside them, like a ghost that revisits the familiar fireside, and can no longer make itself seen or felt; no more smile with the household joy, not mourn with the kindred sorrow; or, should it succeed in manifesting its forbidden sympathy, awakening only terror and horrible repugnance.”Continue reading “Alone, yet Together: Fighting the Fight”

Day 18: No Phones

People say teenagers can’t live without their phone. We’re glued to it. We can’t take our eyes from it. So I thought this challenge would be hard, especially considering how much YouTube I watch. And YouTube was off limits this challenge too, so… I survived. And it was much easier. We set out our phonesContinue reading “Day 18: No Phones”