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rant of the mad queen

y’all gonna give me the finger,talk behind my back, feel the need to linger,gonna stick your beady eyes into my face,attack my head with a sharp mace look up, your eyes so focused on the ground,don’t see the axe in front of you – hear the sound – whoosh – your cages can’t keep meContinue reading “rant of the mad queen”

the broken

her hair hangs in jagged edgesits teeth caressing her pale neck.her eyes surrounded with dark ringsher thin pink lips chapped. she flinches away from your touch,not from hate but from fearthe last time someone touched her thereshe woke up with butterfly bruises. she’s skeptical about everything you sayeven when you claim they are truthsbecause theContinue reading “the broken”

Girl With Stars in Her Eyes

A girl swathed with moonlight,With hair flowing from ebony silk,Dark lustrous eyes shining with light of the stars,Slender body whirling at night. A girl with sharp teeth and an even sharper tongue,Eyes that flash with flames with provoked,Beauty is not her concern,Neither is fame or fortune. Hatred against the merest slights,Shifting temper with a blowContinue reading “Girl With Stars in Her Eyes”