infinitesimal dust

in the infinite space of the world,dust particles floating through drawn skiessettling on teardrops – pearl drops – clinkingon glass hearts, ripped out and bledof all color temporary is nature, so these glass heartsthat felt and hurt and paineddisappear without a word, dust in the windfloating away into the void of nothing,replaced by another alone,Continue reading “infinitesimal dust”


the chaotic scrambling –roaring of cars speeding recklessly down highways,the tapping of wooden pencils against crumpled paper,screaming at puddles of blood dripping down gutters on streets,fists meeting fists in fits of rage and anger,robotic voices of robotic reporters growing louder and louder – disappears. silenced. and you find yourself within a palaceconstructed of carefully pennedContinue reading “escape”


these scars that maim your beauty,that crisscross across your pure soul,they each tell the story of your journey,give you unique characteristics that wouldn’t fit on another,paint your happiness in brighter lights,and give you a bigger heart – don’t view them as handicaps,despite at times they weigh you down as you swim and cause you toContinue reading “scars”


hands grabbing my feet,so cold, too cold, let me go,breaths stolen away Her rise to the top was mercurial. It was breath-taking. It was beautiful. She stripped away the corruption in the world, like silk dropping from her lithe body. No one recognized her from high school. he touched me again,i screamed and he bitContinue reading “survivors”


it was true love at the first sight.(unrequited true love) i saw him. his face. the contours of his cheekbones.the way the sunlight played on his eyes (beautiful eyes – ocean blue) he did not see me. his right hand was occupied. he was laughing.he smiled at the girl next to him, and i couldContinue reading “unrequited”

Dark Shadows

The life of James McHolmes was a good one. He was an orphan, who rose to the top dizzingly fast. His charisma, bright smiles, and good lucks brought audiences to his success. His foster mother described him as a “wonderful child. Exceedingly bright. So kind.” His friends claimed he was the “nicest person you couldContinue reading “Dark Shadows”

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