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don’t be afraid to cry,sweetheart,when the thunder is the loudestand the rain pours down the hardestbecause it is only whenyour vision is blurred and blinded,that after the storm clears,you will be able to see the lightand smile. Did you know that crying releases stress? Even more reason for you to cry. Don’t not cry becauseContinue reading “cry”

When the Storm Falls

When the storm fallsAnd darkness threatensThe ravens cawAnd the pain sets in. Don’t let your smileCover your tears.Let your friends walk a mileTo assuage your fears. No need to stand strongWhen the wind blows.No need to have your guards up longAmong the shrieking shadows. Cry on my shoulderLike when we were kids.Even though we areContinue reading “When the Storm Falls”

Sometimes You Just Need To Cry

Raindrops patter on window sillTears weeping down your weary faceThunder grows louder stillThe flowers wilt in the vase. You wipe a tear flowing from your eyeAs lightning flashes within the nightYour shoulders slump as you sighAnd still tears run with might. The thunderstorm ends with a final mighty boomYour hair is a mess, your eyesContinue reading “Sometimes You Just Need To Cry”

Flying in the Clouds

The girl jumped into the air, her gray feathered wings spreading wide and catching the wind. She whooped with joy as she soared upwards and then downwards, following the trajectory of the birds in front of her. Her dark hair flew every which way, forming a halo around her head. Her brown eyes glittered, andContinue reading “Flying in the Clouds”