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unconditional love

when you stumble along your path,i’ll steady you in my embrace. when you collapse under the weight of the world,i’ll carry your burden for you. when you can no longer see the stars,i’ll be the star in your sky. when you shatter into a thousand glass pieces,i’ll mend you back together. when you wonder whyContinue reading “unconditional love”

young forever

names and photographs engraved in history books,the cheers drown out the roar of time,tears remain frozen on my face,dare i surround myself in this cloak of light,the clocks stop,standing on the stage, reaching out for the fans – screams of my name bring me to my knees – an emptiness will swallow me whole tomorrow,yesterdayContinue reading “young forever”

my star in my darkest night

amidst the stifling blanket of darkest night, i am thankful for the pinpricks of starlights that shine through 一 from the dreamers who once walked the same path as me, who paved the way for me who raised me, who provide my inspiration, who walked besides me despite the twists and turns, who put meContinue reading “my star in my darkest night”